A lovable loo?

A couple of months ago, we had looked into the possibility of using a composting toilet in our travel trailer, which would greatly reduce our need for a sewer hookup.  However, upon pricing them, we reluctantly accepted the reality that the idea was a good one, but not within our budget at this time.  In addition, reviews indicated we might have some serious issues with odor, especially in a travel trailer.  Odor was not going to be an acceptable trade off either!  After all, who’d want “El Stinko” parked next to them, let alone how would we be able to stand the lovely aroma ourselves!

Reading on the internet today, I came across comments about a Lovable Loo.  This simplified system costs far less, with the price actually within the “affordable” range.  Some reviewers actually preferred the Lovable Loo compared to their much more expensive original composting toilet systems with their elaborate arrangement of fans and solar panels.

While we aren’t off on a boon-docking adventure at this point, it might be something to keep in mind.  If you have been wondering about an inexpensive composting toilet system, check it out–and let me know how it works for you!  Sharing experiences only helps us all make better decisions but spares us the indignity of huge mistakes.

The link to the Lovable Loo is found here.


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