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Small ideas

Small spaces. Today, between me being sick & cranky, the cats being neurotic, and the barking dogs who hate each other, GM is totally fed up with living small.  He’s sure we cannot successfully and happily live in anything less … Continue reading

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The flu, the rain, and the new year

It’s the 29th of December, and I’m sicker today than yesterday.  I have 100 angry miners in my head with pick axes, and 1000 angry teenagers running rampant in my bones with boom boxes and extra bass.  Just to make … Continue reading

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The Great Repair continues

The Great Repair…oh how this seems to be lasting FOREVER.  I have no idea what is going on, other than there are an amazing number of parts that have been removed from the engine and that nearly everything that had … Continue reading

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Holidays, gifts and STUFF!

We live in a small and cramped space.  Some days, it feels very, very cramped.  We already have too much stuff and too little space that is too poorly designed. So, here comes the holidays.  Society expects us to celebrate … Continue reading

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Ideas on living small

We are living in a travel trailer, but at the same time, it isn’t a permanent solution.  While its great for portability and convenience, it isn’t exactly a great idea for a permanent home.  It isn’t energy efficient, and our … Continue reading

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Does it ever end? The Great Repair

The Great Repair is STILL underway.  That means no vehicle.  It’s guts are arranged in a plastic thing and on a patch of fabric covered dirt.  It’s been one thing after another, and GM swears that the first opportunity we … Continue reading

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Day 2 of the Great Repair

Today is Day 2 of the Great Repair, and it is c o l d.  Granted the Gulf Coast isn’t like Fargo, ND, but cold here is still as miserable as it is anywhere else.  Working on the van’s engine … Continue reading

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The great surgery

Today is the day.  The van is under the knife. Yep, it’s getting its new head gasket.  GM is taking it apart and working towards putting in the new head gasket.  It’s not an easy project on any engine, on … Continue reading

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The RV stove or grown up easy bake oven?

Remember your “easy bake” oven when you were a little girl?  At least when I was a child, they used a light bulb to generate enough heat to somewhat cook a tiny cake.  I think mine held my interest for … Continue reading

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Middle of December and now what??

It’s the middle of December, the weather has warmed up, there’s a steady breeze outside, and I’m as miserable as can be.  I have what my mother always dubbed “the creeping crud.”  I suppose its a flu of some sort, … Continue reading

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