Why are we looking for property after moving into a travel trailer?

Why are we looking for property after moving into a travel trailer?

I’ve been asked that, and its a complicated issue, like most.

Even if we were wanting to live the nomadic life of the RVer, we’d still need a place to return to now and again.  It would only make sense that it was fairly near our beloved and still brand new granddaughter.  In addition, not every locale will allow a travel trailer to be even parked, let alone occupied, within their area.  So, we’d obviously need a place to just put it for storage, whether we rented a place to store it or we were living in it and renting a space in an RV park.

RV parks are another excellent reason to purchase a park in an area that even the nomadic RVer would plan on spending much of their year in.  Prices in eastern Mississippi on the Gulf Coast region are running from $225 to nearly $1000 per month for a space.  That adds up very quickly.  Even at the low end of the scale, if we were to spend 6 months of the year here, we’d spend $1350, and a full year would total $2700.   Purchasing a lot for that part of the year, if it isn’t too expensive, would certainly pay off within a decade.

In addition, we’d have the ability to put a shed on property.  This shed could hold the things we want, but can’t fit into the travel trailer.  Currently, we are renting a storage unit, and we’re spending $660 a year on that.

Owning a piece of property gives us a fixed “permanent” home, something that the modern world really assumes you have to have in order to be a “responsible” and “normal” person for everything from your insurance to your drivers license and car tags.  That would be our permanent address, and mail can be temporarily forwarded to other locations by the post office.

We didn’t move into the travel trailer intending to be nomadic, not at least on a permanent basis.  I am much more “itchy footed” than GM is, but I do like the idea of a place to call home too.  Because we regard the travel trailer to be an exercise in living small, it’s more of a step than it is a change of direction.  Travel trailers aren’t energy efficient, therefore it would make lots of ecological sense to opt to build a small house when we are ready to  do so.  If we own a piece of property where we can park the travel trailer and live in it, we’d like the same piece of property to be where we’d build eventually.  In the meantime, we can choose the actual site of the home, do some preliminary landscaping, deal with clearing trees if necessary, and put up fencing for the dogs’ safety.  When construction time comes, we’d be living on site too, preventing vandalism and theft of construction materials.

In addition, by purchasing the property long before we actually build, we’re not committed to any particular step taking place.  If we decide we’re not cut out for living in a micro house, we can change our plans to a small house.  If we think we need more space than that, we’ve still got plenty of time to opt for a not quite small house too.  We’d also know the property intimately, so we’d know if there was a problem with water, if an area tended to be mucky and wet, where the wind blew in summer, etc.  If there were problems that we didn’t want to or couldn’t deal with in regards to building a home there, we could just opt to not do so, and look for another location for our home building project…and sell or rent the property we had been on to someone else.

It makes plenty of sense to us.  We’d be property owners, yet we’re keeping the right to bail out on the project if it isn’t going to work with that particular property.  In a sense, it’s like a couple living together before getting married…or taking a test drive in a car before buying it.  It just makes sense.  Most homeowners don’t have the opportunity to do that, but we can take that opportunity.




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