The Stuff Wars

Some days, the Stuff is winning the war.  GM announced a few days ago that I was totally incapable of living “in a box” as he likes to put it.  Especially when he’s feeling frustrated and claustrophobic.  With our van in the Stage Four stage of vehicular cancer and awaiting its rejuvenation, we’re incapable of driving to the storage unit to retrieve the desk and re-deposit STUFF in it, forcing him to continue sitting on the bed with the desktop computer parked on the nightstand in order to work.  It is not conducive to happy significant other, by the way.  Add in back troubles, and yeah, he’s a real happy camper in our little box sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong.  GM isn’t a grump, and we don’t fight much, but that’s not to say we walk around going happy happy joy joy all day every day either.  If either of us starts that, the other one will have to commit the insane one.  We just aren’t “cheerleaders”, if you get the idea.

GM did get a lot of scrubbing done on the exterior, as we were beginning to grow a very colorful assortment of fungi and unknown flora.  The joke is that we’re removing our camouflage now, but we just can’t let it continue to cover the skin of the travel trailer, as it will eat through the finish and begin the deterioration process.  That’s the last thing we need!  I  noticed we even had moss starting on the undercarriage and bumper!

We had borrowed a pressure washer, which would have made the process much much faster.  However, after it was loaded up, the owner of said machine told GM how to use it, and mentioned the frequency it had blown seals.  Considering that we cannot afford a major repair on a pressure washer, and our fear of damaging the machine…we aren’t using it.  The travel trailer is getting bathed by hand….and scrub brush!

GM also got a shelf put up in the “living room” for me, over the same window that eventually will be behind his desk, currently waiting in the storage unit for retrieval.  I’ve had it a long time, its a metal desk that breaks down and is easily packed, but its also a compact computer desk.  We’re putting it in the trailer and putting the desk top computer on it, allowing him to have a decent work space (lucky dog!) and avoid both the benches and the bed.  The stack of boxes that has been there since we moved in is departing…one way or another.  The shelf is designated as the software location, as I was getting frustrated with the continual search for missing software we’d been going through lately.  It’s also got other things as well, but it isn’t a heavy duty shelf, so no books and the like.

As for our neurotic cats with PTSD or Stockholm syndrome, depending on who’s diagnosis you want to accept, are working on learning that its okay to come out of the bathroom.  They were further traumatized yesterday with the scrub brush-on-the-trailer-wall-outside, as well as by the water from the hose on the wall.  The bathroom suddenly became a frightening place too.  I’m not sure they are ever going to recover from their stint in the bathroom, and become “normal” again.  I really miss the old Smokey Robinson, who sat with me, occasionally demanding treats or petting, as I worked on the computer.  The “new” Smokey Robinson is a terrified gray cat who is thinner than ever, scared of his own shadow, and won’t venture more than a foot or two from the bathroom door.  The new Cali is fatter than ever, and she’s a bit braver, strange considering she was the scaredy cat before.  She has had more experience at different environments, as she evacuated from New Orleans with me as a teenage kitten, and she has been on another evacuation since.  Smokey had only evacuated once with me, as he’s younger than Katrina by two years, and didn’t adapt well to that trip either.  Sooner or later, he’s going to have to accept that we are NOT going back to the old house, so its time to get over it!

We’ve been in here now for 4 months and 11 days.  One hundred thirty three days of full time living in a travel trailer.  We are still not totally adapted to it.  This isn’t as easy as one would think, or else we are exceptionally ill prepared for the change itself.  I think its a bit of both, actually.


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