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Been fishin’

Sometimes, we all  need to just play hooky and go fishing.  Even in Mississippi Gulf Coast summers, there’s something about climbing into a tin boat, pushing away from the dock, waiting for that engine to catch as it’s pull started…and … Continue reading

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I hate summers with heat and bugs

I’m making an official announcement.  I hate summer with the continual muggy heat, the unending list of biting bugs, and the sheer misery of it all as I retreat indoors to our tiny box with air conditioning.  Small space is … Continue reading

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Imminent insanity

My temper is not just short, it’s gone on vacation. I have reached that point where I had to look around and say what is wrong with me?  Why am I feeling this way? I’m slowly going stir crazy in … Continue reading

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Too small

We’re having a record breaking heat wave.  Lovely.  Especially on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as if it wasn’t hot enough normally. Outside, we have some choices. Too damned hot. Really too damned hot. Ridiculously damned hot. Almost tolerable but swarmed … Continue reading

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Clothes…do you really need all of them?

In the not-so-distant past, clothing was not owned in the large quantities that it is today, and it cost more in proportion to income than it does today too.  Closets were non-existent in many 19th century homes, as there was … Continue reading

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Why bother to try living small?

Living small.  Sometimes its a case of making your home fit your bank account.  Sometimes it’s making it fit the carbon footprint you want to leave on the planet.  Other times, it’s about proving a point. Whatever the reason, there … Continue reading

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