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In a funk

I’m definitely in a funk. I’m seriously wanting to find appropriate real estate, but we’re seriously cash impaired.  We don’t want and aren’t sure we can afford large payments and we can’t do a big down payment right now either. … Continue reading

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Being a landowner again?

We had found some very cheap, distressed property.  It just so happened, it was also flood prone property. That’s sort of how it goes…if it’s cheap, there’s a reason.  I suppose the idea of a flood now and again isn’t … Continue reading

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1 large bottle of optimism, please…

I wish it was that easy to stay optimistic. There are days when even the naturally optimistic have trouble boosting their levels enough to charge through the day, full steam ahead.  I guess it starts getting to me when the … Continue reading

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Down in da bayou…

We have been looking at some property located in some rather soggy land, and some of that property is more than a little soggy itself.  That presents a lot of rather unique problems, especially in hurricane country, but it can … Continue reading

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Downsizing and downsizing chronicles

Downsizing Chronicles has been the story of a journey, the journey of learning to live with less space, less money, and less “stuff.”  Like many journeys, I wasn’t exactly sure where we were going to go…or even how we were … Continue reading

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