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The tiny houses

Tiny houses, easily built on a trailer, sound like a great idea.  Having lived in a travel trailer, I’ve got some experience with the whole house-on-wheels thing.  I can also safely say that the travel trailer has ranked as one … Continue reading

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Downsizing your life

Whether it’s by choice or not, there comes the decision to downsize.  It doesn’t come easy, and don’t expect it to suddenly get easier until you arrive in the neighborhood of downsized.  Then, for some reason, it starts getting easier … Continue reading

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Defining the downsized kitchen

When we are downsizing, no matter what the reason, we’re facing a situation that is just as much “smaller” in the kitchen as we are everywhere else.  The bigger and more fitted out your previous kitchen was, the more painful … Continue reading

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From suburbia to homeless

Not all downsizing is by choice, and it also isn’t necessarily a graceful change either.  Sometimes, the school of hard knocks demands someone takes a crash course.  One of those crash courses may find a lesson in being homeless. Most … Continue reading

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