I neglected to write anything about us.  We’re a couple who has undertaken a few experiments in downsizing our lives.  Like everyone else, we face adversity, relationship challenges, family issues, friend issues, etc.

We started our journey in a travel trailer parked in the large backyard of a friend in rural Mississippi near the coast after spending a number of years living in New Orleans…in a house.

After deciding that the travel trailer was ill designed more than “too small”, we began our search for something more appropriate.  Since I had also realized that I’m not really a nomad at heart, that meant a house, somewhere, or a piece of land on which to park our travel trailer.

We have found it.  It’s on the edge of a small Mississippi coastal town.  As of early May 2012, we’re waiting to close on the purchase.

2 Responses to About

  1. wilma baker says:

    hi i apppreciate your experience and journey;thanks for sharing. My life is changing rapidly and i needed a friendly fellow adventurer.

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