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Day 2 of the Great Repair

Today is Day 2 of the Great Repair, and it is c o l d.  Granted the Gulf Coast isn’t like Fargo, ND, but cold here is still as miserable as it is anywhere else.  Working on the van’s engine … Continue reading

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Talking turkey here

I did a post earlier about Thanksgiving plans when you are micro-sized or living in an RV.  In that, I had suggested cooking the turkey in a portable roaster.  That’s not what we actually ended up doing.  We went a … Continue reading

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Refrigerators in the micro kitchen

Months ago, when we were first preparing to move into the travel trailer, we discovered that the full sized refrigerator it was equipped with was beautiful, looked like new, and did not work.  That left us with a problem of … Continue reading

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Gadgets and gizmos-RV stores or where else?

When you are shopping for gizmos and gadgets for your small home, be it an RV, travel trailer, or micro house, you have a lot of options.  First of all, there are a wide variety manufactured and marketed specifically for … Continue reading

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