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Attack of the Klutz

Some days…I am just a klutz. Seriously. Today, was one of those days…and every time I moved or tried to do anything…I spilled, knocked over, kicked, dropped, or in some other way…made a huge mess. By the time I thought … Continue reading

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What makes a home?

What makes a home? It isn’t the bricks, mortar, sticks, or stones that create the structure.  In fact, home may not even be a structure of any permanence!  Home is a lot more, and a lot less, than the structure … Continue reading

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Home is where the heart is?

I think I’ve discovered something about myself.  It doesn’t matter how small or how poor it is, home is home. I just returned from visiting a relative, and they live in a very spacious 3 bedroom house and I greatly … Continue reading

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The Stuff Wars

Some days, the Stuff is winning the war.  GM announced a few days ago that I was totally incapable of living “in a box” as he likes to put it.  Especially when he’s feeling frustrated and claustrophobic.  With our van … Continue reading

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Your first micro-housing solution

Deciding to go small means a lot of changes for most of us.  It’s not a cheap change either, whether or not it works for you.  It doesn’t and won’t work for everyone in every situation.  Building your micro-house and … Continue reading

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Dogs and cats

Downsizing with pets doesn’t have to be a problem.  It can be an issue when you have two of each, however.  Especially if your two dogs have a deep seated hatred of each other and cannot be allowed to share … Continue reading

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