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Better days

Yesterday was one of those Attack of the Klutz days.  Today was a  lot more productive, safer, less messy, and saner too.  I got some of the things I have been intending to do done.  Yee-haw! I have to keep … Continue reading

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Attack of the Klutz

Some days…I am just a klutz. Seriously. Today, was one of those days…and every time I moved or tried to do anything…I spilled, knocked over, kicked, dropped, or in some other way…made a huge mess. By the time I thought … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning micro style!

When you live in a small space, it rapidly can become cramped, chaotic, and collect dirt.  Forget the vacuum and broom–the dirt is under, behind, between, and betwixt.  Dust collects, items can’t be found, and stuff…is everywhere! There is no … Continue reading

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Giving stuff up or lightening your load?

I just returned from visiting my daughter.  I always enjoy the visits, even if we have some flare up time.  We’re both somewhat volatile, and if we both land on a bad day the same day…well sparks fly.  This trip, … Continue reading

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Clothing, excessive consumerism, and downsizing the wardrobe

When you downsize to a travel trailer, or any space with limited closet space, your clothes need to be looked at with a critical new eye.  There just is not enough room for 27 pairs of shoes and 137 different … Continue reading

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Living small, magazines and books

I’ll admit it, I’m a pack rat by nature.  I save STUFF.  I know I’ll need it later.  One of the things I’m prone to saving is magazines.  I do use them later!  (I’m still looking for a macadamia nut … Continue reading

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We survived the Mom inspection!

The Thanksgiving holiday is over.  We survived the Mom inspection.  It wasn’t fatal… The holiday was good too.  There is nothing like family to make a holiday truly special, and a new grandbaby is always something to celebrate too.  The … Continue reading

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