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Downsizing your life

Whether it’s by choice or not, there comes the decision to downsize.  It doesn’t come easy, and don’t expect it to suddenly get easier until you arrive in the neighborhood of downsized.  Then, for some reason, it starts getting easier … Continue reading

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In a funk

I’m definitely in a funk. I’m seriously wanting to find appropriate real estate, but we’re seriously cash impaired.  We don’t want and aren’t sure we can afford large payments and we can’t do a big down payment right now either. … Continue reading

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Being a landowner again?

We had found some very cheap, distressed property.  It just so happened, it was also flood prone property. That’s sort of how it goes…if it’s cheap, there’s a reason.  I suppose the idea of a flood now and again isn’t … Continue reading

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1 large bottle of optimism, please…

I wish it was that easy to stay optimistic. There are days when even the naturally optimistic have trouble boosting their levels enough to charge through the day, full steam ahead.  I guess it starts getting to me when the … Continue reading

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Down in da bayou…

We have been looking at some property located in some rather soggy land, and some of that property is more than a little soggy itself.  That presents a lot of rather unique problems, especially in hurricane country, but it can … Continue reading

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Too small

We’re having a record breaking heat wave.  Lovely.  Especially on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as if it wasn’t hot enough normally. Outside, we have some choices. Too damned hot. Really too damned hot. Ridiculously damned hot. Almost tolerable but swarmed … Continue reading

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Your peers, your family and your life

We all have family, friends, and associates, even if the numbers can vary.  They also have influence on our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. How is this you wonder? It’s pretty simple.  Like water can create … Continue reading

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