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It’s officially over

Well, our wait is over.  It should have been over yesterday, but once again, the agent from hell dropped the ball. The house we were supposed to close the deal on Monday is no longer a deal in the works. … Continue reading

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Another looming disaster?

Living in a travel trailer in someone’s back yard is one low-cost option when downsizing, especially if your travel trailer exceeds your vehicle’s towing capacity.  Ours does.  With the way the price of gasoline is skyrocketing with no end in … Continue reading

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The tiny houses

Tiny houses, easily built on a trailer, sound like a great idea.  Having lived in a travel trailer, I’ve got some experience with the whole house-on-wheels thing.  I can also safely say that the travel trailer has ranked as one … Continue reading

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Downsizing your life

Whether it’s by choice or not, there comes the decision to downsize.  It doesn’t come easy, and don’t expect it to suddenly get easier until you arrive in the neighborhood of downsized.  Then, for some reason, it starts getting easier … Continue reading

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From suburbia to homeless

Not all downsizing is by choice, and it also isn’t necessarily a graceful change either.  Sometimes, the school of hard knocks demands someone takes a crash course.  One of those crash courses may find a lesson in being homeless. Most … Continue reading

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Downsized holidays

When you live in tight quarters, celebrating holidays means new twists. And turns. And ducking. Seriously, there is no space for things like Christmas trees, stockings, or much of anything else to indicate there is a holiday.  If your budget … Continue reading

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Shopping for new digs

We are still shopping for real estate solutions.  We’re flexible, we have to be, our budget is about the size of a parakeet.  We aren’t exactly the buyer that everyone dreams of. We have faith–we will eventually find what we’re … Continue reading

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It’s more than the house

Downsizing is more than the house for most of us.  It’s also hand in hand with a downsized budget and income, and sometimes, it really isn’t by choice.  Even so, we put our best foot forward, and keep on keeping … Continue reading

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Clarity of communications

Communications can be tricky, even in a small space.  We recently had a case of the missed communications. GM went to the county planning office for specific information about what could or could not be done with the lots we … Continue reading

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In a funk

I’m definitely in a funk. I’m seriously wanting to find appropriate real estate, but we’re seriously cash impaired.  We don’t want and aren’t sure we can afford large payments and we can’t do a big down payment right now either. … Continue reading

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