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Clarity of communications

Communications can be tricky, even in a small space.  We recently had a case of the missed communications. GM went to the county planning office for specific information about what could or could not be done with the lots we … Continue reading

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Downsizing and downsizing chronicles

Downsizing Chronicles has been the story of a journey, the journey of learning to live with less space, less money, and less “stuff.”  Like many journeys, I wasn’t exactly sure where we were going to go…or even how we were … Continue reading

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Your peers, your family and your life

We all have family, friends, and associates, even if the numbers can vary.  They also have influence on our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. How is this you wonder? It’s pretty simple.  Like water can create … Continue reading

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The first year…already?

It’s been almost a year since this travel trailer was purchased.  Somehow, that just does not seem possible.  On the other hand, after a year we thought we’d have done a whole lot more than we have.  Surprises aren’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Budgets, stress, uncertainty, and tribulations

Well, the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday, but that’s okay.  I wasn’t quite ready for all of that yet anyhow. I’ve been too busy to get ready for Rapture, it seems.  Summer snuck up on me, it’s now … Continue reading

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Big optimism and tiny house

I’ve been struggling lately.  Really hard.  My optimism has taken a beating, I feel overwhelmed often by financial worries, and yet…it’s silly, because we always manage to get by…somehow.  Some days, it seems that this tin box has become as … Continue reading

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Wanted: one large bottle of optimism

Don’t you wish, some days, that you could just go buy a bottle of the stuff? Sometimes, especially when we’re facing changes that might not entirely be by our choice, and things just seem to be stuck in some eternal … Continue reading

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