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Downsizing your life

Whether it’s by choice or not, there comes the decision to downsize.  It doesn’t come easy, and don’t expect it to suddenly get easier until you arrive in the neighborhood of downsized.  Then, for some reason, it starts getting easier … Continue reading

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Teensy house

Living in a travel trailer changes your perspective on a lot of things. Like space. Storage. Convenience. Granted, not all travel trailers are created equally, just as houses aren’t created equally.  Some are big, some are small, some are well … Continue reading

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Giving stuff up or lightening your load?

I just returned from visiting my daughter.  I always enjoy the visits, even if we have some flare up time.  We’re both somewhat volatile, and if we both land on a bad day the same day…well sparks fly.  This trip, … Continue reading

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An addition to the kitchen?

Overstock.com got my attention with a refurbished Cook’s Essential convection oven with numerous capabilities, including a rotisserie, slow cook, convection, and normal “toaster” oven. With a .9 cubic foot capacity, it was the largest one in my price range. I also was really attracted to the idea of a rotisserie, even though I knew it would never be able to hold even a small turkey, the ability to do chicken, pork, beef, cornish game hens, and maybe even a turkey breast was appealing. Continue reading

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Alternative construction ideas

Living small doesn’t mean living with wheels under our feet forever.  Some day, we’re hoping to be able to build a small, efficient, and comfortable home.  As a result, we’re looking at alternative ideas all the time, trying to remember … Continue reading

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Holidays, gifts and STUFF!

We live in a small and cramped space.  Some days, it feels very, very cramped.  We already have too much stuff and too little space that is too poorly designed. So, here comes the holidays.  Society expects us to celebrate … Continue reading

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Gadgets and gizmos-RV stores or where else?

When you are shopping for gizmos and gadgets for your small home, be it an RV, travel trailer, or micro house, you have a lot of options.  First of all, there are a wide variety manufactured and marketed specifically for … Continue reading

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