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Downsized holidays

When you live in tight quarters, celebrating holidays means new twists. And turns. And ducking. Seriously, there is no space for things like Christmas trees, stockings, or much of anything else to indicate there is a holiday.  If your budget … Continue reading

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Budgets, stress, uncertainty, and tribulations

Well, the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday, but that’s okay.  I wasn’t quite ready for all of that yet anyhow. I’ve been too busy to get ready for Rapture, it seems.  Summer snuck up on me, it’s now … Continue reading

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We started this journey on August 1st, 2010.   January is the sixth month.  Do we regret it? No. Could we have done some things better? Oh, most assuredly! Preparation, both in terms of our personal belongings and mentally, would have … Continue reading

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Anticipation…and rain

This morning seemed to take forever to dawn.  I was excitedly looking forward to the van’s Great Repair finally being completed. But guess what? Mother Nature has other plans.  We have a lovely storm sitting here, we had tornado watches … Continue reading

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A new year and here we go!

The year of embarking on this smaller journey has ended, and now…we’re starting fresh.  The OTHER good news is…the Great Repair is expected to be completed today too. I think the news about the Great Repair finally coming to an … Continue reading

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Holidays, gifts and STUFF!

We live in a small and cramped space.  Some days, it feels very, very cramped.  We already have too much stuff and too little space that is too poorly designed. So, here comes the holidays.  Society expects us to celebrate … Continue reading

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Does it ever end? The Great Repair

The Great Repair is STILL underway.  That means no vehicle.  It’s guts are arranged in a plastic thing and on a patch of fabric covered dirt.  It’s been one thing after another, and GM swears that the first opportunity we … Continue reading

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