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And nine months later…

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog.  These days, the attention that was once lavished here goes to “Our 1948 House”, the new blog about the joys of owning a 1948 house.  Sometimes, it’s a … Continue reading

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Big optimism and tiny house

I’ve been struggling lately.  Really hard.  My optimism has taken a beating, I feel overwhelmed often by financial worries, and yet…it’s silly, because we always manage to get by…somehow.  Some days, it seems that this tin box has become as … Continue reading

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Teensy house

Living in a travel trailer changes your perspective on a lot of things. Like space. Storage. Convenience. Granted, not all travel trailers are created equally, just as houses aren’t created equally.  Some are big, some are small, some are well … Continue reading

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Better days

Yesterday was one of those Attack of the Klutz days.  Today was a  lot more productive, safer, less messy, and saner too.  I got some of the things I have been intending to do done.  Yee-haw! I have to keep … Continue reading

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Attack of the Klutz

Some days…I am just a klutz. Seriously. Today, was one of those days…and every time I moved or tried to do anything…I spilled, knocked over, kicked, dropped, or in some other way…made a huge mess. By the time I thought … Continue reading

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The hurrier I go…

Ever have days like that?  No matter how you rush and hurry…you just seem to be lagging further and further behind. That has been the way it has been ever since attending my surprise birthday party a couple of weekends … Continue reading

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Giving stuff up or lightening your load?

I just returned from visiting my daughter.  I always enjoy the visits, even if we have some flare up time.  We’re both somewhat volatile, and if we both land on a bad day the same day…well sparks fly.  This trip, … Continue reading

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