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Be careful not to push your luck, right?

Pushing your luck.  I’m not sure exactly why that cliche is phrased like that, but it probably has something to do with someone named Murphy. It’s been like that a lot lately, not that it has a thing to do … Continue reading

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Cold, too cold!

The Gulf Coast has a cold front hanging out for a visit, and that means C O L D!! Too COLD! It seems like days since my feet were last warm, and almost as long since the toes went numb … Continue reading

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An addition to the kitchen?

Overstock.com got my attention with a refurbished Cook’s Essential convection oven with numerous capabilities, including a rotisserie, slow cook, convection, and normal “toaster” oven. With a .9 cubic foot capacity, it was the largest one in my price range. I also was really attracted to the idea of a rotisserie, even though I knew it would never be able to hold even a small turkey, the ability to do chicken, pork, beef, cornish game hens, and maybe even a turkey breast was appealing. Continue reading

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The RV stove or grown up easy bake oven?

Remember your “easy bake” oven when you were a little girl?  At least when I was a child, they used a light bulb to generate enough heat to somewhat cook a tiny cake.  I think mine held my interest for … Continue reading

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Middle of December and now what??

It’s the middle of December, the weather has warmed up, there’s a steady breeze outside, and I’m as miserable as can be.  I have what my mother always dubbed “the creeping crud.”  I suppose its a flu of some sort, … Continue reading

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Talking turkey here

I did a post earlier about Thanksgiving plans when you are micro-sized or living in an RV.  In that, I had suggested cooking the turkey in a portable roaster.  That’s not what we actually ended up doing.  We went a … Continue reading

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Insanity, procrastination, aggravation

Today was just a day.  Nothing major.  Nothing particularly interesting.  The highlight of the day was meeting family at a restaurant for a dinner with space. Sometimes space seems to just have way too much meaning.  The idea of being … Continue reading

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