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Just looking for a home…

Eighteen months in the poorly designed travel trailer, and we’re ready to call that phase quits.  I hate it. I seriously hate it. There is no place to put anything, and while some travel trailers are designed with adequate storage … Continue reading

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Birthdays and bravado

Its a scant 8 days now until my birthday.  I’m greeting one of those “milestone” birthdays that day, my 50th.  I’ll have attained the half century mark.  Officially, that will make me an antique now. Gulp. Not sure I am … Continue reading

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Alternative construction ideas

Living small doesn’t mean living with wheels under our feet forever.  Some day, we’re hoping to be able to build a small, efficient, and comfortable home.  As a result, we’re looking at alternative ideas all the time, trying to remember … Continue reading

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Your first micro-housing solution

Deciding to go small means a lot of changes for most of us.  It’s not a cheap change either, whether or not it works for you.  It doesn’t and won’t work for everyone in every situation.  Building your micro-house and … Continue reading

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