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Warm weather, anti-bark collar, and seeds

Warmth has returned to the Gulf Coast.  I’m not sure what I think about that.  We went from freezing to needing the air conditioner, which is hardly fair!  Still, its nice to be outside when the no-see-um gnats aren’t dining … Continue reading

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Weather and spring fever

Okay, so the Gulf Coast doesn’t get horrendous winters with snowfall measured in feet.  That doesn’t mean that spring fever can’t strike! Its been cold and damp this winter, with several nights in a row qualifying as “hard freezes”.  For … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, go away

It’s raining…again. It’s been raining a LOT, and it’s getting very tiresome.  We’re not used to being indoors so much, and the cold, soggy weather is grating on our nerves.  It’s also making anything that involves being outdoors, such as … Continue reading

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Arctic blast hits the Gulf Coast

It is cold. Nasty, bitter, damp cold that just creeps into your bones, where it lingers longer than a bad memory.  The skies are dreary and sullen, and the threat of rain later today goes hand in hand with icy … Continue reading

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Will repairs never end?

I was elated at the completion of the Great Repair (replacing the head gasket).  That particular repair, occurring over the holidays, seemed to last for an eternity.  The cold weather made bicycle trips sometimes far less than fun too.  Our … Continue reading

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Space, the last frontier

Space… It may be infinite away from our planet, and it may be large on our planet, but the amount of space we have seems to have shrunk this past week.  I guess it was the cold weather driving us … Continue reading

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Cold, too cold!

The Gulf Coast has a cold front hanging out for a visit, and that means C O L D!! Too COLD! It seems like days since my feet were last warm, and almost as long since the toes went numb … Continue reading

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