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The hurrier I go…

Ever have days like that?  No matter how you rush and hurry…you just seem to be lagging further and further behind. That has been the way it has been ever since attending my surprise birthday party a couple of weekends … Continue reading

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Living small has its advantages.  Obviously, space to do things is not one of them.  Neither is storage space.  There isn’t enough room to swing a cat in here, but the cats can go on missions of mass destruction.  They … Continue reading

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Bugs, bites, and fungus?

I’m in the hate mode.  I hate bugs and their bites.  I hate their buzzing around too.  I hate their corpses getting into light fixtures–how in the world do they manage that? I hate mildew too.  It grows all over … Continue reading

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Energy and us

Face it.  Energy is a huge consumer of our budget, and most of us are relatively huge consumers of energy. If that didn’t make your head hurt… The truth of the matter is, the situation in Japan had me looking … Continue reading

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Birthdays and bravado

Its a scant 8 days now until my birthday.  I’m greeting one of those “milestone” birthdays that day, my 50th.  I’ll have attained the half century mark.  Officially, that will make me an antique now. Gulp. Not sure I am … Continue reading

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Downsizing your wallet and budget

A big part of downsizing is downsizing your wallet and budget too.  Often, the downsizing issue is confronted simultaneously with a reduction in income, and is part of the motivation to choose to downsize.  Even if its not a necessity, … Continue reading

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A thunderstorm moved in this evening, after threatening to do so all day.  It was a bit frightening, and made me realize how awful it would be to have to weather a truly severe storm, such as a tropical storm … Continue reading

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